My articles published by Premier Christianity

I have had a number of articles published by Premier Christianity. They are available online here:
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My investigation into the Holy Fire miracle that happens every year on Holy Saturday in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

My friend Tim Bechervaise has also written a lot for Premier Christianity. His articles are available online here:
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Exodus 90

Last year a group of three Protestant lads (myself included) and my wife decided to do our own version of Exodus 90. For those of you who have not heard of Exodus 90 – it is a Roman Catholic 90 day discipleship programme built around three things: Prayer, Asceticism (denying yourself) and Brotherhood. Check out (

The purpose of Exodus 90 is to have our own wilderness experience where we strip back all the things we comfort in and learn to depend upon God for everything. Break those bad habits and form some new ones. The 90-Day plan involves:
* daily cold showers
* no alcohol
* no desserts & sweets
* no television or movies
* only music that lifts the soul to God
* no computer games
* computer and phone for research and communication purposes ONLY.
* regular and intense exercise
* daily quiet time
* fasting: Wednesday and Fridays, one regular meal and two smaller meals. No meat.
* weekly meetings with the other guys doing the programme (in person)
* minimum of seven hours of sleep each night is essential

If you buy the official course you also have daily readings through the book of Exodus and weekly challenges etc. In typical Protestant fashion we didn’t use the official course materials but we did read through Paul’s Letter to the Romans. We changed the fast to once a week and made it no food until the evening meal.

We also introduced a “treat” day once a week where we could have one item on the list above such as a pudding or a bottle of beer.

The course was just what I needed and I know that our marriage was strengthened immensely by our own Exodus 90 experience. My wife and I without Netflix or a TV series to entertain us would sit down and chat with each other. We talked far more than we had in ages. My wife even started cross-stitching presents in the evenings. The weekly meetings were essential and wonderful. We chatted about our temptations, trials and struggles. We were able to build up one another in faith, hope and charity.

One year on… my wife and I would do it all again. #noregrets


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