My articles published by Premier Christianity

I have had a number of articles published by Premier Christianity. They are available online here:
3 ways Christians living on Mars could view themselves in God’s story
My attempt to answer the question of how Christians living on the planet Mars could see themselves as part of God’s story.
Holy Fire: The biggest miracle you’ve (probably) never heard of
My investigation into the Holy Fire miracle that happens every year on Holy Saturday in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

My friend Tim Bechervaise has also written a lot for Premier Christianity. His articles are available online here:
We’ve learned to be realistic about England’s chances. It’s a good attitude for us to adopt
Why we should welcome Benny Hinn’s stunning admission about the Prosperity Gospel
This church is praising God for its ‘miracle carrots’. But a BBC documentary is casting doubt on the claim
A £10,000 Advent calendar? The meaning of Christmas has been well and truly forgotten
What can we learn from this record breaking, nugget winning US teenager?
This BBC documentary on a Franciscan friary will change the way you shop
Dude Perfect – the YouTube trick-shot stars who love Jesus even more than bottle flipping
Reviewed: The new Christian documentary everyone’s talking about
What Pixar’s Inside Out teaches us about lament
Elon Musk: what the tech genius is teaching the church


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